Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Our family was extremely busy this Christmas.

Bryan's dad, Mike, flew in from Florida and spent the weekend before Christmas in Muncie. We went out to eat after Eric drove up to meet us in Muncie. We spent Saturday catching up, watching football, and watching Avery. I think Grandpa read a book about fuzzy, baby animals 10 times! Sunday I made brunch and we all repeated Saturday's activities. We are always sad to see Mike leave because we know it may be another year before we see each other.

Bryan, Avery, and I opened presents at home on the 23rd. On Christmas Eve, we traveled to Bloomington to have Christmas with Grandma Bert and Eric. We opened presents on Christmas Eve and had our big Christmas meal the following day. Avery really enjoyed getting spoiled by Eric and Grandma Bert. She received several babies, a potty seat, books, and a plethera of dinnerware. She also spent a lot of time playing and dancing with her music table from Grandma. Unfortunatly I forgot my camera and was unable to capture some of the finer moments of the holiday in Bloomington.

Christmas day we left Bloomington, en route to Hollansburg, to see my parents (minus a few car problems). There we were greeted by a house full of friends and family playing cards, eating, and socializing. Bryan skipped out shortly after we arrived since he had to work Friday. My mom and I went deal shopping the day after Christmas, and the whole family watched Avery open her gifts that evening. She got Dora sunglasses, which she DID NOT want to take off, a rocking chair, puzzles, and some foaming bath soap. Bryan got some "movie money" which will come in handy for our next "date." I recieved some of the coolest office supplies that I have ever seen.

Saturday was our final Christmas, the Bevins family Christmas at my grandmother's. The whole crew, minus a few older kids who have moved far away (insert tear for Tiffany and Hank), was there. After a huge meal, we opened presents and ate and ate and ate. Avery particuarly liked the rice crispy treats! Avery got socks and tights, princess dinnerware, and a Wiggles dance mat. We left Hollansburg after packing up the car . . . and arrived home only to leave everthing in the car to mess with in the morning. We collapsed and slept hard. I was so glad to be home in my own bed. What a holiday!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not the intended purpose

I went Christmas shopping in my parent's attic for Avery. Among things like a baby high chair and a sweeper, I got a baby cradle. Yes, one intended for Avery's baby dolls. Fortunately for Avery, she just fits in it perfectly; to sit up anyway. Several times over the last couple of days, Avery has been found in the baby cradle, covered-up with her blanket. Oh, and of course she is with her beloved hairbands.

Potty Training

So yeah, potty training is going not so well. I think that once I can be home with Avery for a few days straight, it will go better. Between here and the babysitters house, it has been difficult to maintain consistency. Avery SCREAMS "Potty, Potty, Potty" when she doesn't want to do something because she knows that she can at least delay the inevitable for a few minutes because I will take her to the bathroom. She could sit on her potty for 20 minutes reading; at least that is funny. Other than that . . . there is no humor in potty training.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I know for most of you it is not newsworthy . . . but Avery used the potty for the first time tonight! The beginning of the end of diapers!


I don't know who taught her this . . . probably a kid at the babysitter's house . . . but for some random reason, Bryan was making chicken sounds at dinner . . . I know . . . why I don't know . . . and Avery started "flapping" her arms. Bryan had only made the sounds . . . never the motions. It was so funny . . . here it is for you to enjoy . . .

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Avery and I put up our Christmas tree today, and sticking with tradition, my family's favorite Christmas tunes were playing in the background; Mariah Carey, the Beach Boys, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Herb Alpert. It was so special to have Avery help decorate the tree, especially putting on her "baby's first christmas" ornament. Now the trick will be keeping her from taking all of the ornaments off of the tree. She thinks all of the red ornaments are "apples." So far she hasn't tried to eat any of them, but . . . . you never know.

Let's get physical, physical

Seriously Tiffany . . . these headbands are the greatest toy EVER. Avery plays with them and tries them on non stop. This reminds me of the 80's . . . and Olivia Newton John's song "Let's get physical." So hilarious. By the way Tiffany . . . she says "cheese" everytime I unzip the camera case.