Monday, September 29, 2008

The "Coupon Lady"

Yes, my husband now calls me the coupon lady. Even though I took offense at first, I realized . . . I don't care what I'm called if I am saving money. Bryan initially thought that all my couponing (I dedicate a few minutes each night to searching for new deals) was silly, I knew I could make a difference given the tight financial situation of our family.

I have been inspired my several women writing blogs about couponing and saving money (check out the blogs I follow). In particular there are great deals to be made some weeks at CVS and Walgreens in particular. I am posting my "conquests" this week because I feel particularly proud of my savings, considering I took the time to figure out how to work the deals to spend as little as possible out-of-pocket (oop). A lot of the women posting "money-saving" blogs say that they will not purchase anything that is not free, but I'm not quite there yet. Since I need to buy diapers and baby wipes on a regular basis, I do not mind spending money on these items, especially when I can get them in combination with other deals. Likewise, our family was totally out of razor blades (of which the price is the bane of my existence)! At any rate, check out my savings & how I did it below!

I think after seeing this, Bryan was blown away! Maybe the "coupon lady" will turn into "my coupon princess"!


12 Johnson's Buddies Soaps (.97 each)= $11.65
Cascade Dishwasher Crystal Clear Rinse
Used 4 coupons for $3 off 3 products, free Cascade rinse coupon
Total spent $0


Transaction #1
deal--buy 1 Cover Girl Foundation @ 5.49, get 5.79 in Extra Care Bucks (ECBs)
Used $1.00 off coupon & Buy one get one free coupon
Got 2 Cover Girl Foundations
Total spent $4.49, earned $5.49 EBCs

Transaction #2
deal--but one Gillette Fusion Razor (with 2 blades) @ 9.99, get 5.00 in EBCs
Used $4.00 off coupon & 5.79 in EBCs (transaction #1)
Total spent .20, earned $5.00 in EBCs

Transaction #3
deal--buy 2 Gillette men's shampoo @ 9.00, get 2.00 in EBCs
Used 2 $2.00 off 1 shampoo & 5.00 in EBCs (transaction #2)
Total spent $0, earned $2.00 in EBCs

Transaction #4
1 pkg. Venus disposable razors @ 4.99
2 Colgate kids toothpastes (on sale for 1.50 each) @3.00
2 Dawn dish soaps (on sale for .99)
Used $2.00 off Venus razors coupon, 2 $1 colgate coupons, 2 $1.00 off dawn coupons & $2.00 in EBCs
Total spent $1.97
Total spent @ CVS $6.66

Transaction #1
deal--buy Gillette Fusion razor @ 8.99, get 4.00 Register Rewards (RR)
Used $4.00 off coupon, Used $1 in-store coupon
Total spent $3.99, earned $4.00 RR

Transaction #2
deal--buy 1 Colorsilk Haircolor @ 1.99, get $1 in RR
deal--buy one Oral-B toothbrush @ 4.49, get $4.50 in RR
Used $1 off Colorsilk in-store coupon, $.75 off Oral-B coupon & $4.00 RR
Total spent $.73, earned $5.50 RR

Transaction #3
deal--buy $14 in Huggies products, get $3 in RR
Huggies diapers @ 9.99, Huggies wipes @ 5.99
Used $1.50 Huggies diaper coupon, $.50 Huggies wipes coupons & $5.50 RR
Total spent $8.48, earned $3 in RR

Transaction #4
deal--Colorsilk hair dye (see above)
Eggs (on sale for 1.29) @ 2.58
2 Crest toothpastes @ 1.99
Used 2 $1.00 off in-store crest coupons, 2 $1.00 off crest coupons, 1 $1.00 off in-store Colorsilk coupon & $3.00 RR
Total Spent $.55

Transaction #5
deal--buy Gillette Fusion razor @ 8.99, get 4.00 Register Rewards (RR)
Used $4.00 off coupon, Used $1 in-store coupon
Total spent $3.99, earned $4.00 RR

Transaction #6
Huggies wipes @ 5.99
Used $.50 off coupon & $4.00 RR
Total spent $1.49
Total spent @ Walgreens $19.23

Total Spent Today $$$$ 25.89 WOW!!!

Toals before coupons, RR, & EBCs=$108.55
Total Saved=$82.66

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big Cookie

I'm one of those obsessive moms who want to make sure I hit every major food group in every meal . . . at least with Avery. Avery has been able to sneak a bite or two of dessert every once in awhile, but today I figured, what's the harm in one cookie. Albeit a big chocolate chip cookie, Avery ate the entire thing. I was surprised she ate the whole thing, after scarfing down on vegetable soup, yogurt, and tater-tots. As you can see, she feeds herself, and usually gets her evening bath right after dinner.

I caught these very serene pictures of Avery reading one of her favorite-at-the-moment books after her evening bath. I guess the huge cookie didn't give her a sugar high!

Tiffany and Hank Visit

Last week my sister Tiffany and her husband Hank came home to visit from Utah. They moved out there for Hank's Air Force transfer in January. My family and I had planned on a summer visit, but skyrocketing gas prices kept us at home. Tiffany called me in July, planning a covert visit that would include a marathon for Hank and a 5K run for herself (at the Wright-Patt Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio). It was really hard to keep the visit a secret from my parents, but I managed. The week before their visit I concocted a story about Bryan and I needing to stay there and cooking a thank-you dinner for all their help after my surgery. Nothing was suspected (or so they told me). That evening, I enlisted the help of my Grandma to help me keep all my siblings at home, rather than have them out golfing, when the "surprise visitors" came. Tiffany and Hank came up the driveway just as dinner was ready, much to everyone's surprise. It was really nice to be able to see them!

Tiffany and Hank did their running on Saturday and came home from the base barely walking, but triumphant in their accomplishments. That evening the extended family and some friends celebrated Hank's 27th birthday with a bonfire. They concluded their visit with church on Sunday and left shortly after lunch. Considering that we hadn't seen them in 9 months, it'll seem like no time has passed when we see them at Thanksgiving.

I hope to post more pictures when Tiffany sends some. Can you believe I forgot my camera?

Sarah's Skirt

My sister Sarah is an aspiring seamstress. She made this skirt for Avery when she was born. I happened upon the skirt while cleaning out Avery's drawers yesterday. I put the skirt on, and after tucking it into her diaper, she was able to let her wear it for awhile. Thank you Aunt Sarah.

Dancing with Daddy

Avery loves to dance to just about any music, but rap especially. Bryan was listing to some new music this morning, swooped up Avery in his arms and the two of them danced together. It was way too funny.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Haircut

Check out my new haircut . . . it hasn't been this short since high school.

Avery, who else?

She looks a little evil in this picture!

Bryan, Avery, and I have no big news this week. Bryan has a couple of job interviews and I have been working to get back to full speed since my surgery. Here are some pictures from the week. Avery has been a real hoot this week, spending the majority of her time on the slide, climbing on everthing, and sitting on her new reading bench. Spinning in circles is another new activity for our busy girl.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


This week went by so fast, yet was so tiring. I went back to school on Wednesday, after begging the doctor (he didn't want me to go back until the 9th). Alas, it happened to be a week with a staff meeting, the school open house, and the student council dance (of which I'm the sponsor). So much for taking it easy! At any rate, I feel as though I saw my family very little this week. After picking Avery up at the babysitter around 3:30, the evening activities took me away from her. Luckily, I had some great help. My mom brought supper on the night of the open house and watched Avery for us. The students in Student Council love Avery, and she was content to dance the night away. I wish I would have brought my camera because she was so funny dancing with all of those kids. She loved the lights and the "group dances," especially the CHA-CHA dance. She is such a ham right now!

I didn't take a lot of pictures this week, but I managed to record Avery's first Popsicle. Little did I know that orange Popsicle stained skin, who would have known? She ate the entire Popsicle by herself. After the frozen part was gone, she would dip her fingers into the liquid on her tray and suck her fingers. She couldn't get enough! Her mouth, hands, and belly/chest was stained with the orange dye. It looked fluorescent! Luckily, it washed off after a loooong soak in the bathtub. She loved every minute of it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Chillaxin with Avery

Avery relaxing watching cartoons yesterday . . . in a box.

Avery chillin' on her slide reading books.

Avery . . . again chillin' . . . but this time on her rocking horse.