Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tiffany and Hank Visit

Last week my sister Tiffany and her husband Hank came home to visit from Utah. They moved out there for Hank's Air Force transfer in January. My family and I had planned on a summer visit, but skyrocketing gas prices kept us at home. Tiffany called me in July, planning a covert visit that would include a marathon for Hank and a 5K run for herself (at the Wright-Patt Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio). It was really hard to keep the visit a secret from my parents, but I managed. The week before their visit I concocted a story about Bryan and I needing to stay there and cooking a thank-you dinner for all their help after my surgery. Nothing was suspected (or so they told me). That evening, I enlisted the help of my Grandma to help me keep all my siblings at home, rather than have them out golfing, when the "surprise visitors" came. Tiffany and Hank came up the driveway just as dinner was ready, much to everyone's surprise. It was really nice to be able to see them!

Tiffany and Hank did their running on Saturday and came home from the base barely walking, but triumphant in their accomplishments. That evening the extended family and some friends celebrated Hank's 27th birthday with a bonfire. They concluded their visit with church on Sunday and left shortly after lunch. Considering that we hadn't seen them in 9 months, it'll seem like no time has passed when we see them at Thanksgiving.

I hope to post more pictures when Tiffany sends some. Can you believe I forgot my camera?

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Tiffany said...

we were so happy to be home and surprise everyone! We had a blast! Did you get the pictures I sent?
Oh yeah...and I ran a 10K :)
Love you!!