Saturday, September 6, 2008


This week went by so fast, yet was so tiring. I went back to school on Wednesday, after begging the doctor (he didn't want me to go back until the 9th). Alas, it happened to be a week with a staff meeting, the school open house, and the student council dance (of which I'm the sponsor). So much for taking it easy! At any rate, I feel as though I saw my family very little this week. After picking Avery up at the babysitter around 3:30, the evening activities took me away from her. Luckily, I had some great help. My mom brought supper on the night of the open house and watched Avery for us. The students in Student Council love Avery, and she was content to dance the night away. I wish I would have brought my camera because she was so funny dancing with all of those kids. She loved the lights and the "group dances," especially the CHA-CHA dance. She is such a ham right now!

I didn't take a lot of pictures this week, but I managed to record Avery's first Popsicle. Little did I know that orange Popsicle stained skin, who would have known? She ate the entire Popsicle by herself. After the frozen part was gone, she would dip her fingers into the liquid on her tray and suck her fingers. She couldn't get enough! Her mouth, hands, and belly/chest was stained with the orange dye. It looked fluorescent! Luckily, it washed off after a loooong soak in the bathtub. She loved every minute of it!


Tiffany said... popsicle!

michael&mary said...

Hey Nicole! I'm sorry to hear about your gall bladder issues! I don't know if gall stones are like kidney stones (I've had kidney stones and they are Horrible!) I am sure they are just as bad... poor you! I hope you are recovering well!

Hey- will you be attending Kerri's shower? Just wondering :)

Dean/Judy Weller said...

Avery is adorable!! Glad you're doing better. I know you're a true Bevins - begging the doctor to go back to work!

Aunt Judy