Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goodwill Half-Price Day

Let me just tell you . . . I love Goodwill! I love it even more when the store does it's half-price days (you know you are cheap when you think the prices at Goodwill are too expensive). I am a stockpiler, and have always been when it comes to kids clothes. I do not like to have to go out and buy something that is needed (clothing-wise)immediately. We recently had to have some pants for Avery, one pair wouldn't do, and after Goodwill and the local consignment store had nothing in her size, I had to break down and spend $10 on jeans from Old Navy. Most of you reading this post will say that $10 is no big deal, but if you would have to do this for a couple of pairs of pants in every size as kids grow, the expense really adds-up, not to mention the trips to different stores trying to find a pair that fits. To prevent this situation, I frequent Goodwill and other consignment store sales and buy clothes up to two sizes ahead. A lot of consignment stores will put out-of-season clothes on clearance, making some sweet deals for the next year. For instance, our local consignment store, in September, had summer clothes 5/$1.00. You better believe that everything that was in good condition in sizes 24 months to 3T was gone after I was there! That beats most garage sale prices. I also ALWAYS go to goodwill half-price days (4 yearly) and keep my eyes peeled at garage sales. Last summer a woman was selling brand new Old Navy, Ralph Lauren, and Gap clothing (tags attached) for between $1-2 dollars. I bought everything she had (spent about $30). These purchases have accumulated a nice stockpile of clothing for Avery as she grows. I keep everything labeled in plastic storage bins, and can always go "shopping" in my garage when Avery needs a new size. This weekend here is my kiddie stockpile finds:
  • 1 pair Disney Princess shoes (still had tags from Target) $1.50
  • 1 pair Old Navy pajamas
  • 2 dresses (Osh-Kosh winter plaid, Wonder Kids summer plaid) $1.50 each
  • 2 Ralph Lauren long sleeved shirts
  • 1 Carters long sleeved winter scene shirt
  • 1 striped turtleneck (OkieDokie)
  • 2 short sleeved shirts (Cherokee brand)
  • 1 Sesame Street corduroy jacket
All of the shirts were $1.00, so pre-tax, I spent $13.50--great value!


Meg said...

That is pretty freaking impressive, kudos to you! I have just started to get frugal...I think that might be a good word. I am in the process of making a coupon book and everything! It is sad that little things like this offer me so much excitement. I have no kids, but you bet your butt I will be following your lead when I do. Great advice!

Tiffany said...

I am so jealous. I wish we had a Goodwill out here!