Sunday, June 29, 2008


Ahhh . . . to get away from Muncie for a day is great! This weekend Bryan, Avery, and I went to spend some time with Byran's mom and brother who live in Bloomington. I love Bloomington! Bloomington, for me, has the perfect mix of quirky shops, a beautiful downtown, lovely parks, and a great university town feel.

Although I would have loved to have eaten at one of the very hip cafes, a Jimmy John's sandwich sufficed. Smoothies in the afternoon from Soma really hit the spot after walking around downtown for a while. I fell in love with a shop called The Inner Chef . . . did I ever mention that I have an affinity for kitchen gadgets?! New shops and restaurants are always popping-up downtown, but next time we visit, FARM will be my lunch stop. They use all locally grown and in-season ingredients.

Besides walking downtown, Grandma Bert and Eric gave Avery birthday presents; a very cool baby MP3 player (with classical music only) and a leap frog alphabet bus. Avery is definitely getting good at unwrapping gifts!

Avery still wasn't tired after the eventful day, so Saturday evening Bryan and I took her to run off some steam at Bryan park. No, not Bryan's park, Bryan Park. Bryan Park was the most kid friendly park I have ever visited. Avery wanted to keep up with all of the bigger kids, so she ran after them, climbing stairs (with some help) and enjoying the slides. She climbed up this huge (huge to her in my opinion) tunnel, playing peek-a-boo with Bryan, who was standing watch below. I cannot believe she climbed that whole tunnel! I had a hard time doing it myself.

Probably the funniest thing at the park was this little boy who jumped on the back of this "bouncy bee" that Avery was riding.

The boy jumps on . . .

She notices an "impostor" on the bee . . .

She doesn't like it . . .

But, alas, a talking from mommy makes it all better!

We topped off the day with a drive by Bryan's high school Alma mater, Bloomington North. Hail to the class of 1993!

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Tiffany said...

She's getting so big! I still can't believe it! Watch out for those bee invaders Avery!