Thursday, October 16, 2008

Michigan Trip

Avery and Aunt Kim eating ice cream at National
Avery playing at Tanya and Jeff's Avery and Tanya

Avery, Grandma Pingle, and Uncle Mark Avery rocking at Uncle Mark's

Last weekend Bryan, Avery, and I went to Michigan for a job interview (well Bryan did). We also were excited to get to see Bryan's side of the family, whom we don't see often. We left early on Tuesday, car packed to the brim with snacks and toys to keep Avery busy. Really, over all, the car trip went well, which I was really nervous about. We stopped for the first time at the first Michigan rest stop to get out, stretch our legs, and let Avery run.

We arrived in Clawson about noon, stopping first to visit Grandma Pingle. We were able to visit with most of the family on Tuesday, stopping by American Chopper to see Uncle Mark and eating dinner at National Coney with Aunt Kim and Uncle Rick. Bryan wanted to eat at National ... I won't tell you how many coneys he managed to eat, but justified it because he wouldn't get to have them for awhile. Kim wanted to buy Avery ice cream, and as you can see, Avery enjoyed every messy bite. We finished the long day by driving to Auburn Hills to stay with Bryan's cousin Tanya and her husband Jeff.

Avery took to Tanya right away, running into her arms. Tanya had been watching Dancing with the Stars, which Avery quickly noticed and glued herself to the TV. She was exhasted and finally after a bath, she conked out . . . just in time for the adults to watch the presidential debate. Bryan, Tanya, Jeff, and I were able to watch the debate/argue a little/ and catch up at the same time.

Wednesday we were able to meet up with Grandma Pingle and Mark again. We ate lunch with Grandma and Aunt Cindy at Olga's. Seriously . . . Olga's had THE BEST gyros I have ever eaten. I will definitly be craving those for a long time. Shortly after lunch we headed home, missing our exit to stop at IKEA. The trip home seemed so long . . . by the time we got home we were totally worn out. I don't think I have fully recovered yet.

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Tiffany said...

Sounds like you had a good time on the trip...and Avery enjoyed her ice cream! How did the interview go? Do you know when you'll hear anything?