Saturday, November 1, 2008

I think I robbed Meijer!

I know the title sounds bad . . . but can I tell you that sometimes couponing can seem like robbery! I do however feel a great sense of accomplishment when I see the total of my order fall-especially into single digits. I went to Meijer today, hoping the there were still some good "mealbox" coupon items to be had. I made two trips, the second after realizing that I needed some coupons that I left at home to make some awesome deals. My first trip was good, I only spent about $40 for groceries for the week. My goal is $50/week. I went back and spend $10.42 (including tax). This trip is the one I am really proud of! Here's how it went down:

Transaction #1:

3 Glade plug-in scented oil refills (12.76)

4 boxes jello (2.00)

4 boxes Kellogs cereal (10.00)

4 boxes velveeta shells & cheese (6.67)

-2.00 off when you buy 4 boxes Kellogs (auto coupon weekly deal)

-4.00 (4 $1.00 off printable coupons Kellogs cereal)

-6.38 ( 2 BOGO Glade refills)

-3.00 (2 $1.50 off 2 Glade refills)

-3.00 (2 $1.50 off 2 boxes jello--meijer mealbox coupons)

-4.00 (2 $2.00 off 2 boxes velveeta shells & cheese--meijer mealbox coupons)

-3.50 (now that I'm looking close at the receipt the cashier must have rang my mealbox coupons an extra time--I'll have to go to the customer service desk next trip)

with tax TOTAL: 6.44

(also printed off 2-$2.00 off next order coupons for glade plug ins, $1.00 off next order from cereal, & 3.00 off next order from shells & cheese)

Transaction #2

2 Lysine Supplements (BOGO-5.29)

bananas (not pictured) 1.45

brown sugar 1.34

flour 1.86

5 Green Giant Steamers 6.67

-$8.00 (catalina coupons from transaction #1)

-5 $1.00 off Green Giant Steamers

with tax TOTAL: 3.98

This is a lot of food for just over $10--which should be just under $14. Even then it would have been a great deal! I think that I am definitly stocked up on mac & cheese & cereal - I bought 4 boxes of both in my first trip to Meijer!


Michael said...

Lots of giveaways at this site.

michael&mary said...

Hey- so I totally got into last year online, too. The problem was that I never truly understood how everything worked at CVS and with the coupons so I sorta gave up.. Reading your post made me think I should give it another try.
Do you get coupons off of her site (for Meijer and other stores or do you use those from the sunday ads?)