Sunday, March 22, 2009

Avery's New Big Girl Bed

Avery is out of her crib! Thanks to a colleague at work, Avery has a new big girl bed. I know that I should have shed a small tear due to Avery's new milestone, but frankly I was glad to see the crib go. The crib was mammoth (It was mine as a baby), and made Avery's room feel so small. After reading several online resources about techniques to ease the transition between the crib and bed, I didn't need them! Avery was so excited to sleep in her new bed. She helped me take the crib down (well, she got in the way and kept stealing the screwdriver), and happily hopped into her bed as soon as Bryan and I brought it into the room. We were afraid that she would roll out of it, so we laid blankets on the floor where the rails ended. She slept great the FIRST night. I could not believe it! Now that she is used to the bed, every chance she gets (clothed or not . . . as you can see by the picture) she runs and flops on her bed and covers herself up with the blanket and announces "nigh-night." Love that girl!

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