Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shredded Wheat Stockpile

So, I am glad my husband and I, and Avery for that matter, like shredded wheat! This weekend, thanks to my mom for the heads-up, snagged 14 boxes of Shredded Wheat with Strawberries for .50 cents a box. The store had so much (and it must not have been selling well @ $2.00/box) that they marked it $1.00 BOGO! Furthermore, I got salad dressing for .10 cents/bottle, and kraft mayo w/olive oil for $1.50 BOGO. Now, I know what you are saying . . . I didn't see these sales at my stores! Although some people will not do this, I reguarly go to a grocery outlet that sells just out-of-date, smashed box, it didn't sell in the store, store. Both my mom and I have been shopping at these local outlets for about 10 years. Although we have had a few things stale, the store managers have always taken them back or exchanged items willingly. It has been a great way to save money--especially on cereal. If you are in the East Central Indiana Area, the store name is B&D Grocery Outlet, and are located in Winchester and Richmond. And yes, they also sell toiletry items!

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