Sunday, March 8, 2009

Garnier, Huggies, and Orbit, oh my!

Today I did the weekly "deals" shopping alone, without Avery or Bryan. Avery was running a fever this morning, so none of us went to church. Bryan, thankfully, agreed to let me sneak out during her morning nap to do my couponing alone. It was nice not to have to feel rushed or to be juggling coupons and Avery trying to climb out of a cart. Here's my loot:

  • 12 Garnier Fruitis Shampoo/Conditioner/Stylers (on sale for 2.99)--used $2 EasySaver & $1/1 for each
  • 6 packs Orbit Gum--used 3/.99 EasySaver
  • 1 South Beach Meal Bar--clearance price .50
I divided up these transactions into 3 transactions, using the meal bar and gum for fillers (since the coupons technically made a profit of .01 on the Garnier products.

Total @ Walgreens (including tax) $5.31

  • 3- 184 ct. Huggies Gentle Care wipes--used $5.00/1 coupon for each
  • 1 adorable onesie pjs for friend's shower--$1.48 (not pictured . . . I don't want them to see it before I give it to them)
Total @ Target (including tax) $5.81

  • 4 Garnier Haircolor--on sale 2/$10 & buy $10 get $5 ECB, used $2/1 coupon on each
  • 4 Herbal Essence Shampoo/Conditioners--on sale for $2.88 & $1 ECB, used $3/2 coupon for 4
  • 1 pkg make-up brushes clearance price $2.17
  • 2 Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation--clearance price $2.37, used $2/1 coupon on each
I did three transactions, to roll my ECBs.

Total @ CVS (including tax) $1.74 & 19.98 ECB--BUT got $14.00 ECB back

Grand total out-of-pocket spending (including tax) $12.86
Total (before all coupons, clearance, EBCs, & tax) $128.61
Total Savings--$115.75 (90%) YEAH!!!!!!!!


Tiffany said...

hahaha! I did well too! I love free shampoo!

Kerri said...

when you do "three transactions" are you actually leaving the store and then turning around and going back in again? Do you use the same cashier? Do they not notice?? :) I'm very impressed by this.