Sunday, August 24, 2008

Avery, Avery, Avery

Avery is doing all kinds of things to make me nervous. This week she turned into a climbing machine. She loves to climb; the futon, the couch, on my back, up on my knees, and even my chest. Yesterday, I was sitting in our living room, which is right beside the playroom, when I heard Avery let out a Tarzan-like yell. I glanced in and didn't see her. I looked in a little closer, and this is what I found:

No, I don't know how she got up there, but she was swinging her baby in the air screaming like a madwoman. I grabbed the camera, took a few pictures and promptly got her down, told her "no," and sat her in the corner. Not 5 minutes later, as she and I were playing, she tried to climb up there again. Argh.

Follow-up story . . . I guess yesterday I finally got through to Avery that she couldn't climb on her shelves. I guess I need to be more clear for the toddler who is clearly testing her limits. Today she was using it as a chair. Less dangerous I guess . . .

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Tiffany said...

hahahaha...this story had me barely able to control my laughter as I read this at 7am in the morning. how funny! the screaming like a madwoman had me picturing it....hahahhah!