Friday, August 15, 2008

A week in pictures

I don't have anything exciting to report this week. I started back teaching full-time this week, and boy, am I glad it's Friday. I have all 8th graders this year, and I am looking forward to seeing what the students can achieve.

I've posted some pictures of Avery that I have taken over the course of the week. Her new favorite activity is playing "dress-up." She starts every morning by watching the Wiggles while I get ready for work, but quickly proceeds to find any stray article of clothing and start the dress-up marathon. She is also enjoying trying on her Aunt Sarah's hand-me-down headbands. Avery has also enjoyed getting in and out of a basket that Grandma Bert gave to us. I tried to use it for toy storage in her playroom, but Avery proceeded to take out all of the toys and sit in it instead.

Some Avery milestone updates:

Words added to her vocabulary-socks, daddy, MOM-MOM-MOM, bye-bye, woof!, bath, banana, Bru (for our dog Brutus), monkey, egg, apple, ball, bottom, bear. Of course these are the "real" words. She says some version of these words.

New skills-climbing on our futon, couch, and coffee table, brushing her own teeth (kind of), organizing my laundry, playing with her belly button, picking-up her own toys, and using a fork.

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Michael VanDervort said...

That's a lot of talking for a kid her age. Has she said a sentence yet? Like Da - MOm-Mom-mom...bru..

She is very very cute and I enjoy looking at the blog.

Hope you guys are doing well! What's up with Bryan's phone? He doesn't answer it. Enjoy lunch with my folks!


G Mike