Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bloomington Again

This weekend we helped Bryan's brother Eric move. After a little grunt work . . . not much though, he's a college guy who lives simply, we went to the Bloomington Hospital Employee/Family Picnic with Grandma Bert and Eric. Avery got her first taste of cotton candy (not impressed) and chowed down on a hot dog. Bryan got a free "Dr. Seuss" hat and Avery playfully added to the fashion statement by offering her hat as well. It was a beautiful day for a picnic. Bryan, surprisingly let us take a picture of our family without any fuss. It is actually the first picture of our family taken since Christmas. We had a rushed, but great day.


Tiffany said...

haha...her face on the cotton candy one is like "oh gross mom! get this nasty sugary goodness away from me!" and I love the famiy picture! It looks great!

michael&mary said...

Your family looks too cute. I love that you have a blog. I feel like I can catch up with you even though we haven't seem each other in forever. :)