Monday, January 5, 2009

Cross your fingers

So it is about 8 p.m. and no one has tossed their cookies today at the VanDervort house! A great accomplishment. Cross your fingers that the worst is over. Avery is still really clingy and slept a majority of the day and spent the rest of the day sitting or laying with me on the couch. She has been asking to go "nigh-night" for the past couple of days, both for nap and at bedtime. Those of you who have been around Avery knows that she is always on-the-go, so for her to sit around all day and ask to go to bed, you know she is not feeling well. Bryan has been a great help to me and Avery while we have been sick, which is especially admirable since he was sick at the beginning of the week. Hopefully all of us are on the quick road to recovery. I couldn't help, before I was sick myself, to sneak a few quick pictures of Avery on the "sick couch." Even with the flu, she is so cute!

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tejl said...

Awww! She is adorable :) I am so glad you guys are feeling better!!